a checklist to make sure your presentation converts clients

The A+ Webinar

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the “Covid Life” so many professionals experienced, is that our “face to face” time is valuable. After a while, they can become stale, un-engaging, and just plain boring. We’ve been there, we’ve nodded off, and we know just how to fix it.

you can absolutely run webinars that

Captivate & Convert

Webinars have grown exponentially as leading marketing method over the past three years – and they’re going to keep growing!

50% of Business-to-Business professionals watch at least one webinar per week. It’s become the dominant way we preview a potential service and the provider, and how we decide if we’re going to buy it.

The key, however, is to do your webinar the right way. To do it the right way, you need to make sure you take all of the right steps. So use the checklist to create your webinar. It may seem long, but each step is important in helping you to ensure you get the most impact – and the most sales – possible out of your presentation.

YOU can absolutely use webinars to sell your services. You have the chance to let people ‘try you on for size’ and get excited about working with you.


Cari Bruton

Webinar and Presentation Coach