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Take Your Speaking From Bleh To YES!!

Is your marketing exhausting you?

Speaking is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get clients.

When you’re on a stage (virtual or physical), you’re the focus of attention. You have your ideal clients in front of them and when you use your time right, your calendar will fill up easily with new appointments and clients. 

Red Bucket Events helps you to build your presentation, host your first webinar, and start speaking as often as you want. You’ll use those speaking opportunities to fill your client roster and spend WAY less time marketing. 

Get started speaking and watch your business soar!

By changing your approach, your speaking content, and the way you present to show off your knowledge, you provide immediate value to your viewers, and make them want to buy from you. We then help you take your presentation to networking groups, summits, conferences and other speaking opportunities so that you can consistently get clients and grow your business!

Unleash Constant business growth

After our webinar and Speaking Training, You will:

  • Know that you have the right platform, the right techniques and the right timetable for your webinar

  • Fill your webinar with people who are interested in what you have to say

  • Feel confident and secure giving your webinar

  • See engaged and interested faces looking back at you instead of eyes looking away

  • Convert your audience to prospects, make more sales, and make more money!!

  • Book Yourself on stages, at conferences and summits so you can speak as often as you want

I lacked the clarity and confidence to create a professional, pre-recorded webinar. I had recently attended Cari's free tutorial explaining how to create a perfect webinar and how she can help. 2. I was in a time crunch with only 3 weeks to prepare. I knew I needed help and Cari seemed like the perfect choice. Cari is responsive, caring, supportive and reliable. She helped me break the project down into manageable pieces and made it easy for me to focus on my content and delivery while she took care of the technical work. My presentation was very well received, and I am now more confident in my ability to do more presentations like this.
Maura L
Life Coach

Webinar Audit

$650 + HST
  • Analysis of an existing webinar
  • Review of marketing, speaking techniques, sales offer, follow-up techniques.
  • We sit down and figure out what is and isn’t working for your presentation and how to change it so that you are filling your seats and converting attendees to clients!
  • You have a fully complete webinar ready-to-go or being regularly hosted
  • You are not getting the conversion rates that you want
  • 1 full viewing of your webinar
  • Report card with score out of 100
  • Written analysis of your presentation
  • 1 hour coaching session on how to improve and make changes to your marketing, production, speaking, or sales including a brief sales psychology lesson

The A+ Webinar: Private Coaching

$3,750 + HST
  • Have the trainer's full attention as you learn how to create your presentation step by step. Skip the confusion, conquer any anxiety, feel confident and most important – sell your services with your webinar!
  • You will enjoy talking to your engaged and interested audience, and fill your funnels with new leads!
  • You like to always have your coach’s full attention
  • You have a timeline that won’t align with a group
  • You want to be able to customize the lessons you receive
  • You feel very anxious, nervous or worried about hosting a webinar (we will conquer that!)
  • 6 one-on-one sessions as your coach guides you through each step of creating your webinar
  • 1 bonus mini session before your webinar to make sure you’re feeling amazing before you start
  • Includes a webinar audit after your presentation runs live once
why our clients choose

red bucket events

Our years of speaking experience combines with experience in event planning, marketing and entrepreneurism to help you master speaking in a way that directly benefits your business. We break down creating a presentation into a simple-to-follow process that consistently books appointments and signs new clients. RBE keeps the process light and fun while getting you the results you need to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to host a webinar?

You don’t have to – many of our clients come to us to develop a specific presentation that they’ll be giving at a conference or other event. 

We recommend starting with webinars because that presentation is the one where you have the most control over everything and it’s the easiest place to test things before taking them to larger stages.


How long will your programs take me?

It depends on the program. Working alone, the average business person takes 8 hours to build a new presentation. Initially, with us, it will take longer because we’re teaching you our tried and tested process. Once you’ve learned it, you’ll make presentations much faster.  You’ll also learn how to tweak your presentation so you can use it in many settings.