The virtual and the physical are separate things right? And right now virtual is better. These are things we’ve started to accept.

 But what if we combined them?


 What if you added real life, physical aspects to your virtual event? What happens when you integrate the two?



Hybrid events are not new. The events industry has been hosting hybrid events for years. The event is hosted live but speakers, presentations and other aspects are streamed live for access to those who cannot attend in person.  But we can’t do that right now. We’ve had to maximize the virtual and minimize the physical.

The physical is a huge part of what people love about events – it forces interactivity. So why not use it as an add-on to your virtual events?

Create a gift box or supplies set to go with your event. Maybe it’s a ‘survival kit’ for your conference including notebooks, packets of coffee, a mug, pens, snacks, chewing gum, and other useful things for your guest to use.

If it’s a themed party, assemble a few costume pieces (like a hat, false glasses, glitter tattoos or a feather boa), a drink cup, snack size chip bags, headphones and some glow sticks.
You can assemble each kit/gift box etc. in its own box and either mail it or do porch drop offs to your attendees.


This does a multitude of thing to elevate your event:

 1.  Creates excitement for your upcoming event

2.  Increases engagement and emotional attachment

3.  Introduces sponsor opportunities for branded items

4. Encourages your guests to take photos for social media – because now they have something to show instead of just a computer screen


 Most importantly, it humanizes your event. We are a largely material culture – we relate best to the things we can see and feel.


 Sit down and find ways to incorporate physical items. Brainstorm anything your guests will need to or could use during your event and then provide it for them. You are not only elevating your customer service but the overall impression or your event and your brand.


 Comment and tell us how you’re going to incorporate physical items into your next virtual event!

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